Monday, May 21, 2007

Kindergarden Blues

If only those great things from Kindergarden could carry over into "real" life. Naps, healthy snacks (ants on a log, carrots, milk, etc.) and most importantly half-days. I'd take the AM session so around now I'd be free to go home and enjoy the rest of my day. I wonder if we'd all be more productive if companys included some of these perks we use to enjoy into our work life. Someone should try it. I bet google does it. In fact I think I read an article about their nap rooms once.

note to self: find a job with google ;)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I've got my Personal Belongings.

I'm walking to work today and I see this "off" looking guy in front of me. I first think he is the crazy/homeless guy that spends most of his daylight hours in the metro by the ticket machines waiting for African American women to walk by so he can say mean things to them. I don't know why he targets just African American women, but he does. Not only have I seen him do this, but I have talked to others who have confirmed my assumption. Anyway I think it is him in front of me, but he's on an escalator heading out of the metro which doesn't make sense. I get closer and I realize it is not him, but perhaps someone worse. The man is carrying a plastic bag that says "Personal Belongings". I'm pretty sure the only place you get a bag that looks like this is when you leave prison. So either this guy just got out of prison, got out a long time ago and likes the bag or knows a friend who got out and borrowed the bag. Anyway you look at it I don't like it. I mentioned this to a co-worker and he astutely pointed out that at least he was on his way OUT of prison and not INTO prison. Good call.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bowling Queen (for a day)

Last night my dad and I joined my company's Bowling League as subs. I haven't bowled in about a month so I was excited to get back out on the lanes. (dork!?... I know :) ) Upon arriving my dad picked up some rental shoes and I slipped on my super cool white and light blue dexter bowling shoes. I was up first so I stepped out onto the lane, grabbed Bernice (my bowling ball) and flug it down the lane in my usual straight bowling style. Bam. Strike. Wow I thought...that was fun. Frame 2 rolls around and I got another strike! This crazy streak continued for 5 frames! 5 straight strikes! What is that? I've never done that. That's one BIG turkey. Anyway the stars and the moon must have aligned in exactly the right way because my bowling skills continued through the entire game and I ended up with a 222!! So fun! Bowling rocks.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I joined in on the Myspace craze.

Check me out if you feel like wasting time.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

39,000 bonus points!!!

Chase Visa Credit Card has the worst bonus point reward thingy ever. Honestly it is awful (And I won't even go into how much I hate their website!) Anyway a long time ago (maybe 2000??) I got a card with them, but they use to be owned by someone else. The first year was nice. They sent me a check for 176 dollars. I like random bonus money. The next year came and I got nothing. And thanks to their lame website I couldn't understand what happened and I forgot to care about it. (Which I freely admit is odd for Miss.Coupon.) For the next 5 years or so I used the card for everything. Insurance, bills, dog walking, food, gifts, random $1 charges...really I'm an all credit girl. Then I had to carry a balance on it for the first time ever and I got charged redi-cue-lous amounts. Soon after that I thought I lost it and had to get a new card (come to find out it was in my pocket). After all the bad blood (and now the need to reset up all my automatic payments) I switched my regular spending to Amex and my bills to discover. I have since then been happy with my new arrangement and rarely use the visa except when ppl are lame and only take visa. Ok enough background. Today I was on the lame site and looked down. I blinked, blinked again in disbelief since clear as day it said 39,000 bonus points! Seriously I'd never seen this before and I go on this site like 4 times a month. (That's how bad the site is organized.) I quickly went to the "redeem points" section. Their selection was poor (nothing close to Amex which rocks), but they had one good thing. 2,500 points = 25 Cash Check. Hello babies! I ordered 15 of those mo fo's!! Scary to think I actually spent 39,000 dollars on a credit card, but happy to know I get at least a tiny part of it back. Yeah for random money. Boo for the stupid credit card that I really should just cancel.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Redskins Vs. Falcons

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3rd game of the season! Steve's got one more to go next weekend, but I'm done until next year. It's been a fun run though...even if they lost every game I attended. poo.

(FYI...the house remodel/addition pictures are finally up!)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving 06

Steve Own's This Place
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We had a great trip and (like probably the rest of America) way too much food. We started our travel on Wednesday, but after an almost two hour trip to Tyson's Corner (normally it takes us about 10min) we aborted and went shopping instead. Thursday morning we got up early and made our second attempt with little to no problems. The whole drive was about 3 hours which is probably about 6 hours short of what it would have been if we continued on Wednesday. We made it with plenty of time for Turkey day so it was THE BEST decision. Friday we explored Manayunk (sorta like a G-town) and did some more shopping and eating. After that we picked up 3 "half-cooked" pies from Charlie’s off the Boulevard and proceeded to eat ourselves into another food coma. The good news is we still have about half a pie left so the fun doesn't have to stop yet!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well!

(And yes I will post the first set of our Major House Project soon.)