Sunday, April 30, 2006

A bit of a leak....

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I'm moving into Stegret's next weekend (oy so soon!!) so I had to find a new home for my ferrets since his dog would have them for a snack if they ever got loose. I used this site called and got a bid from a small shipping company based in Oregon that usually moves cars and boats, but takes animals to help pay for gas. Well before they picked up the ferrets to take them to my mom in Oregon (the best new home ever!) they picked up a new trailer from NC. What they didn't tell me is the thing was like the size of a semi!! They took a corner too close (or perhaps it was so big it never would have fit) and just bowled over a fire hydrant. It was amazing stuff. The water sounded like a river and flowed out of the hydrant and all the way down the neighborhood. Anyone who wanted to get in their cars where the water flowed had to brave it and ended up with soaked feet. A bunch of my neighbors came out and were wondering what happened (after the guys left). I just shrugged my shoulders. :)


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