Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Challenge

Here’s a challenge for everyone. Try to go about your day, completing all your normal everyday tasks, but with out putting any strain or pressure on your left hand index finger. Not so hard you say…Ok I’ll admit it, on a scale of 1-10 it’s probably only a 3, but it sure is annoying!

Why am I playing this fun game today? Well it’s all Taco Tuesday’s fault. As most of you know (and those of you that didn’t do now) every Tuesday we make tacos and invite friends over to eat with us. We usually have at least 4-8 people so it’s a ton of fun and super tasty. We have the cooking down to an art. I know just how much to cook, what to buy, where to get the best deals, how long it’ll take to prepare etc. etc. But last night just as things were getting to the good part (i.e. when we eat) I realized that my new Tabasco (the mild/green kind) was not open! So I grab a knife and apply it to plastic around the cap in a downward motion. At this time I’m thinking to myself “This is dumb, if I slip it’ll go right into my….ouch!!!!”. Yep it slipped, it punctured and then it gushed and then I got upset because my tacos were going to get cold and I couldn’t figure out how I was going to eat tacos with a finger that was bleeding and I began to get frantic and and well that’s when Stegret stepped in. Apply pressure, I’ll make the tacos for you...and it all got better. I applied pressure, put a bandage on it and happily ate my tacos with a throbbing/half numb finger.

Was it worth it you ask? I have to say yes, those tacos (as usual) were soooo gooooood and without the Tabasco (which Stegret finished opening for me and declared that he was only able to do it since I had started it so well...ahhh). But damn if it isn’t annoying today, in fact now my right arm is hurting from over compensating for my lame finger. Whine Whine.

End of Story: Will I live? Yes, I will. Will I try to open a bottle that way again? Yes, I might.


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