Friday, June 02, 2006

CA Tort Adventures

I haven't been going to California Tortilla as much as I should, but today Yaneen and I made the pilgrimage. We got there a little later than usual so the place was packed. I ordered some chips and queso (had a free chips and salsa coupon, but she upgraded me for free!) and some soup. Next thing I know my meal is ready "331", I grab it and then while I'm getting my hot sauce choices together I hear "331". I look around and on the counter is another bag with my order in it! Super, 2 lunches for the price of one!

Yaneen and I sit and upon taking the first bite of a chip I think...humm this hot sauce tastes sweeter. A couple more bites later and I figure it out: SUGAR! They had "salted" the chips with sugar! Crazy. Yaneen and I proceed to eat all the chips, but at the end we did tell the manager. She grabbed my arm she was so shocked when I told her. LOL. The Sugar Chips were halted immediately and the day was saved at CA Tort thanks to Yaneen and I! Go Team!!