Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Whoah that's some hot stuff!

Whoah that's some hot stuff!
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I'm sure you are all sitting there wondering what I was doing late Saturday night. Perhaps sleeping or catching a late night movie? Nope we were cooking up noodle oriented snacks and Stegret was rolling on the floor with Kaya. Don't believe me? Well check out the pictures and you'll see how much fun you can have with Habenero sauce, mac and cheese and Pat's hat!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Jen's St.Patty's day visit

Jen and Me
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Every once in a while Jen shows up in town so we made the best of her short visit by meeting up at a Champions in Leesburg. After some table shuffling we were able to grab a big table and enough chairs for everyone to sit. And luckily we DID NOT have front row seats for the sucky 80's band. Ok so they wren't the worst ever and I did enjoy the random people rocking out to them on the dance floor, but sometimes a juke box is better than the real thing.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tennant Hunt

I’m moving, but I’m not selling my place. As a result I have been on the hunt to find the perfect Tennant(s) for my happy condo. I posted an ad on Craig’s List and the emails/calls started flowing in. I met some normal people; I met some people that are missing part of their brain…

Prospective Tennant 1: A woman looking for a place for her and her fiancé after their May 28th wedding. She liked the place, I liked her well enough, she never sent in her application form.
Prospective Tennant 2: Julie called me first and left a message saying I should call back and ask for Julie or John. I call back and get a woman, she said she is not Julie, but her name is John and she is Julie’s partner. So I prep myself for meeting a woman named John, but when she shows up she is a man who just sounds exactly like a woman on the phone. They tell me they have bad credit, but Julie’s mom will co-sign if I need it and then they ask if they can do 6mo instead of a year. I don’t call them back and they don’t send in an application form.
Prospective Tennant 3: This girl stayed for over an hour! Really, she sat, she walked around, she debated over and over where to put some chair that she had, she talked about her family, her work, her dog and then she told me a story about how she almost got fired last week and asked me what would happen if she broke the lease after 6months. Umm…GET OUT!! She turned in an application; I promptly put it in my paper shredder.
Prospective Tennant 4: They live near by, he has a real job, she is going to school, they have a boxer, they hung out, we chatted, they asked questions, I answered questions, at one point I forgot we weren’t friends, they turned in an application, I ran a credit check (he was perfect), I offered my place they happily accepted!

So I’m happy now, last week when I was going through it all it was actually pretty stressful for me, I mean it’s odd enough having someone live in your home and then you have all the extra worries about whether or not they are going to fulfill their side of the bargain. I.E. pay the rent on time and not let their dog eat holes in the carpet, chew on walls and leave stinky piles of poo all over like the renters downstairs in someone else’s unit do.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Pugs for Adoption

Pugs for Adoption
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The other day my co-worker was looking through the HART (Homeless Animals Rescue Team) website looking at dogs for adoption. So of course I was helping a bit and did a breed search on pugs. And the result? A lovely pair of pugs that is up for adoption (Olie and Gigi). I am in awe that they haven't been snached up yet since pugs are usually in such a high demand (once you own/know one well you'll understand why!)

So I wanted to put a link to their page on my blog and encourage people to either sponsor them (or ANY other dog that needs a home) or who knows meet them, fall in love and adopt them? If I didn't have 2 (almost 3 dogs) I'd adopt them myself.

Olie and Gigi Details

Monday, March 13, 2006


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As the weather heats up you may want to consider grabbing yourself a pair of these babies! (I was going to write a funny blog about these, but the actual text about them was funnier than anything I could have wrote!)

Dada Women's Spree's

Latrell Sprewell, known to be the originator of the rim called the spinners, has moved his invention to the footwear world. The rim actually spins as you walk and/or run. Lightweight microfiber synthetic leather upper, lateral quarter panel molded and reinforced for added stability. L.S. Exchange Technology, the most advanced cushioning, shock-absorbing, active heat/moisture-management technology ever employed in footwear, allows the rim to spin. Development influenced by gas shocks used in cars. Matrix of vents and intake and out take valves allow heat and moisture to be drawn into the chamber while hot moist air is expelled from the shoe. Through a series of events, energy is absorbed and real shock absorption/cushioning is provided.

Oh and by the way---they have been marked down from 110 bucks to 40! What a deal!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Updates Galore

Apres-ski (2)
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Silly me, I thought things would slow down after the Holiday season…nope!!

As a result of my inability to find time to blog I’ll have to update you in a quick like fashion. Ready? Ok! Go!!

Valentine’s Day – Headed out to Zaytinya in DC for dinner. It’s a tapas/Mezza Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine type place that serves great food, but requires a bit of money spending. Most everything was tasty and due to their prix fix menu for Vday we were able to get a great selection of food. The belly dancers there sucked though…Andrea if you are reading this you should go apply for a job there!

Dad’s Month Long Visit - As most of you know when my family comes to visit they usually stay for more than the usual couple of days. This time I was lucky to get my dad for almost a whole month. We had a lot of fun and we (translate mostly him) were very productive. Because I’m moving to Stegret’s house in May I had a lot of things to do at my house to get it ready for renters and some things to do at Stegret’s house to get it ready for me. Probably the most productive thing of all was when we pulled out 1,400 odd pounds of junk from under Stegret’s house and took it to the dump. My dad then proceeded to pack up stuff from my house and begin filling the area up again!

Andrea’s Bday - On Feb 22nd Andrea got a bit smarter and a bit older. We celebrated by filling our bellies with Mexican food and taking up a table in a tiny restaurant called Guajillo for many hours. Pictures!!

Vail - I’m running out of time for this entry, but suffice it to say Vail is a place you want to visit. It’s huge, it’s fun, it’s a great place to go with a group of friends…but don’t forget to take your wallet because you’ll need it. Oh and apparently if you are in Vail it is more than acceptable to buy and wear fur. No one said money makes you a better person. Personally I liked the store with the Prada ski clothes. ;) Pictures!!