Thursday, April 05, 2007

I've got my Personal Belongings.

I'm walking to work today and I see this "off" looking guy in front of me. I first think he is the crazy/homeless guy that spends most of his daylight hours in the metro by the ticket machines waiting for African American women to walk by so he can say mean things to them. I don't know why he targets just African American women, but he does. Not only have I seen him do this, but I have talked to others who have confirmed my assumption. Anyway I think it is him in front of me, but he's on an escalator heading out of the metro which doesn't make sense. I get closer and I realize it is not him, but perhaps someone worse. The man is carrying a plastic bag that says "Personal Belongings". I'm pretty sure the only place you get a bag that looks like this is when you leave prison. So either this guy just got out of prison, got out a long time ago and likes the bag or knows a friend who got out and borrowed the bag. Anyway you look at it I don't like it. I mentioned this to a co-worker and he astutely pointed out that at least he was on his way OUT of prison and not INTO prison. Good call.