Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bowling Queen (for a day)

Last night my dad and I joined my company's Bowling League as subs. I haven't bowled in about a month so I was excited to get back out on the lanes. (dork!?... I know :) ) Upon arriving my dad picked up some rental shoes and I slipped on my super cool white and light blue dexter bowling shoes. I was up first so I stepped out onto the lane, grabbed Bernice (my bowling ball) and flug it down the lane in my usual straight bowling style. Bam. Strike. Wow I thought...that was fun. Frame 2 rolls around and I got another strike! This crazy streak continued for 5 frames! 5 straight strikes! What is that? I've never done that. That's one BIG turkey. Anyway the stars and the moon must have aligned in exactly the right way because my bowling skills continued through the entire game and I ended up with a 222!! So fun! Bowling rocks.