Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Odwalla Bug Farm

I usually eat a granola bar for breakfast. It's quick, simple and cheap. I ran out of granola bars yesterday, but luckily I found an Odwalla bar in the pantry. Great, kinda like a granola bar (just a bit more hefty than the ones I usually eat) and it's free since I already own it. I bring it to work and begin the efforts of trying to open it. It's stubborn, but I have scissors. I clip off the end and a tiny flea sized bug (but not a flea) comes flying out. Ugh! As I look closer I realize I know this bug. He and a thousand of his closet relatives were the ones that I battled with at my condo. I don't know what they are, but I do know that I have yet to find a way to actually get rid of them. Here's a listing of all the things that DON'T work: roach traps, bleach, no open food/crumbs, flea/roach bombs, and professional pest exterminators. Anyway, I was happy to leave the little things behind when I moved out of there. And now, months later, one is sitting on my desk kicking it’s legs happily in the air at me. At this point I'm more than a bit curious about what else is in this thing. I carefully tilt the package up and look in. Oh yeah! It's an entire Odwalla Bug Farm! Complete with tiny maggot looking things, a fine dust of eaten and pooped out odwalla and a whole bunch of adults moving around on their daily missions. I check the expiration date and find that I should have eaten it last year, but still that's no excuse for what I'm looking at. Needless to say I did not eat the Odwalla Bug Farm and once I got home I carefully opened and inspected the other two expired odwalla bars that I still had. But sadly/luckily they were free of infestation. Just so amazing to me that they managed to get in a closed package and then create an entire colony. On a happy note I don't think any of them left the colony since I couldn't find any traces of them in the pantry. Steve now claims that he will never eat an odwalla bar again, I on the other hand saved the other two that I had left that hadn't expired. :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

All Good Now

I am now officially a "hippy". I lived in a tent for 4 days, I took zero showers, I wore a hippy shirt that I made myself, I enjoyed the music and especially loved watching all the crazy people. Yes there were times that it was way too hot and I didn't like the people next to us who kept setting fire works off about 2ft from my head when I was trying to sleep (I finally snapped at them on Sunday cause I couldn't keep the "all good" vibe going anymore), but over all it was a good time. If you are in the mood for 4 days of small amounts of sleep, tons of hanging out, good music and a bunch of dirty feet then you should come out next year for the 11th annual All Good Festival!

This weekend the fun continues with Ryan Adams in Norfolk, VA.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Universal Sticky Notes

You know what I like about sticky notes (besides the fact that they are sticky)? I like the fact that when you go to someone's office and they aren't there, you have free reign to use their sticky notes to leave them a note. Also if someone is in your office and they need to jot something small down. They can just grab a sticky note and write it down. No questions like "Do you have some note paper I can use?", just pure efficiency.

I also like sticky notes when they are in fun colors...yellow ones are captial B for boring. Unless they are the giant sized yellow ones those for some reason I still like, despite their color impariment.