Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Sunny Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving this year Stegret and I headed out to Florida to visit his family. The whole trip was relaxing and a great break from the norm. We spent the first couple of days just hanging out with his mom and running some errands. Of course the best errand was the shopping for Thanksgiving Dinner – I love the grocery store. Since his mom hadn’t been planning on cooking this year we made a deal with her that we’d cook everything if she took care of the turkey, stuffing and gravy. I planned out a bunch of dishes and then in my normal cooking fashion proceeded to make enough food for double the amount of people we had at dinner. Here’s a list of what I made:

• Cranberry Marshmellow Salad (can’t have Tday without this one!)
Cranberry Compote
• Yams with marshmallows and raisins
• Fresh green beans
Party Potatoes (these things rock!)
• Raviolis (ok so Stegret really made these, but I did help out!)

After Tday we headed out to Bocca and then South Beach to remember what night life was like. In Bocca we visited the beach and “Dr. Rob” (his brother). Dr. Rob has a sweet place which I’m not even going to try and describe because I won’t do it justice, but we took a lot of pictures so you can get the gist. In addition to having a nice place Dr. Rob is also a really great guy! Good stuff. We are both hoping that him and his gfriend come out and visit soon. After visiting with the bro we then headed off to South Beach. We found our hotel 5min before the final check-in time of midnight. Turns out our hotel was also a dance club. Go figure. Once Stegret found the checkin desk (it was next to the DJ) we were informed that we would not be staying there and had gotten an “upgrade”. The new place (The Chelsea) was a 98% gay art deco hotel that had really good pillows and an “Adult Safety Kit”. The hotel was decent enough, but they were really unorganized at the front desk. Both days I asked for a wake up call and both days I got none. They valet parked our car for us, but instead of the 20 min they told it would take to retrieve it took about an hour each time! Oh well there was a nice patio with umbrellas and couches that we could sit on and enjoy the sun while we waited for the car. The good news is when we checked out they accidentally only charged us for one night so it turned out to be quite a deal!

So it’s nice to be home, but when next month rolls around and we fly off to Oregon to visit my family I’m not going to complain!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Puggle Mania

Puggle Puppy
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Apparently the newest dog is the "Puggle" which is a mix between a Beagle and a Pug. Although I'm sure it makes for a great dog due to the combo of the Beagle's smartness and the Pugs cuddleness I am going to have to say my vote is still for the OG pug. Maybe a puggle doesn't snore, but what's wrong with a dog that snores? I personally think it's V cute.

For more information on the Puggle go here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Simple, but Happy

Mini-Happiness Events (from today):
  • Finding out that my bagel from Sunday doesn't taste stale at all when toasted.
  • Finding an Express newspaper in the Train when I thought I wouldn't get one today since the guy who usually hands them out was missing.
  • Discovering that my last DanActive was Mixed Fruit when I thought it was Vanilla (like the fruit much better).
  • Wearing a new sweater (even if it sheds a bit on my black pants).
  • Hitting the snooze button 3 times and still not being late to work.
  • Basking in the after-glow of a tasty Taco Tuesday and an awesome episode of Nip/Tuck. (There were 15 bonus minutes!!)
  • Thinking about my vacation to Florida next week with Stegret to meet his mom/grandparents and eat some Turkey.
  • The fact that it is only 9 in the AM and I have the whole day to go!
Hope everyone else's day is going swimmingly as well!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Linens & Things (update)

Just a friendly update (c/0 my PI Jill) . The Linens and Things in Loheman's Plaza now has everything in the store for 50% off (in fact it may be even more since this was reported to me a couple of days ago). The store closes on Nov 13th so get on over there!!

(And if you have any Linens and Things or Bed Bath and Beyond coupons round them up because they'll take 'em!!)

5:23pm - I went and the good news is everything is actually 75% off and they will take as many coupons as you have, but the bad news is that it is almost all crap. So unless you need any of the following items don't waste your time (esp. since I think I found the remaining 5 items in the store that were worth buying):
  • pillow shams
  • window valances
  • wash cloths
  • bed skirts
  • decorative boxes to pull your tissues out of
  • replacement parts for old Shark handheld devices
  • wall paper borders

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Caught on Tape! (or not)

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As I was waiting to cross the street I hear this lady yelling. So I turn my head and see this woman chasing down a bus trying to get the driver to wait for her. Nothing unusual here. EXCEPT the woman has a cane and it's not a decorative one it's one of the hard core metal ones with the 4 feet (see picture). And she's running after the bus, no limp, no nothing. What is up with that? I think she must be one of those people who claim disability to get $$ and then end up on a TV show caught by some insurance guy running when they said they could barley walk. If only I had a video camera I could have recorded her fraud and made money off of it. ;)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More Boobday Pics!

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Yaneen has posted all of her fun Boobday pictures!!!

I borrowed some for my Flickr site, but if you want to see the whole set you'll have to visit Yaneen's kodak gallery.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Well, after much debate and thinking I have moved my blog. I've done this for many reasons, but here are a few:

  1. Blogger is part of a bigger community.
  2. Blogger is related to google - all things google are good right?
  3. A lot of people use blogger so the likely hood of problems might be less.
Things I will miss:
  1. The flexibility/customizability of the old blog (even though I rarely took advantage of this).
  2. My long loved and passed around URL. May it RIP.
  3. Because a lot of people use blogger I might have more problems.
Thanks to all who have made the switch with me...expect more of the same just at a different URL.