Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Box Seat Fan

If you ever have a chance to sit in box seats for a concert do it! Ok like anyone wouldn't if they could, but really it's worth doing a bit of schmoozing for. They give you free drinks, free snackies, nice seats, couches and even a private bathroom! And if you work it right you can make 2 box seat tickets turn into 6 with some sneaky switching. Dave was a bit doubtful on how we could pull it off, but to his delight he was wrong!

(Pearl Jam, 5.30.2006, Verizon Center)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Loose Batteries

Anyone who works in an office is bound to come across some great "office lingo". You know what I'm talking about. Those crazy things people (mainly people who like to think they are important) say when you are in meetings or sometimes you get lucky and they actually put them in an email and you have proof that they said them and you weren't just hearing things. I could go off on a rant an list a bunch ("Open the Kimono", "Give Away the Farm", "Strawman"....etc.), but I don't want to get off topic.

The topic I'm hear to discuss is "Loose Batteries". Today I encountered two emails from the same fellow with these two words that I usually associate with broken TV remotes just plopped in his emails. I can't give you the whole emails, but let me just tell you that in the emails there was no mention anywhere of TV remotes or anything that may or may not have loose batteries. Here are the two excerpts:

"...If you have a way to do that via quick broadcast, please loose batteries in the interest of time and copy me....."

"...If you need more than I provided in my replies, by all means loose batteries..."

Through research I have figured out what he meant, but upon the first 5 reads I had no idea. Anyone want to guess? I'll give you one clue: The guy use to be in the Navy.